British and Irish Major Championships 2022 


2022 will see the first year of a brand new championship which will eventually be built toward targeting the best competition for the top players across the British Isles and hopefully wider europe.

The championship will consist of 5 events. We are scheduling these events to run every 6-8 weeks from March through to October. Your best 4 results from the 5 competitions will count towards your final placing. 


In year one we are planning for the championships to be comprised of the following events: 


English Open, Irish Open, Scottish Open, Welsh Open and the British Open


The committee has chosen to begin with a championships that involves all countries within the UK and Ireland. Over following years the events will be re-distributed to ensure parity and exposure for all of the UK and Ireland’s best courses.






The ultimate goal is to attract the best players to play on this championship however it is acknowledged that within the UK the professional field is still growing. Therefore Tournament Directors may choose to run other divisions at events to ensure a full field. Players playing in divisions not listed above can compete for the title of that individual event in their chosen division. 


Players in MA2/3 will only accrue championships points should the MA1 division not sell out. For example, if there are 7 MA1 players, the winner of MA2 would collect the championship points for 8th place, regardless of whether their score was better than other MA1 competitors. 

Staggered sign up processes are to be run to ensure competitive division have the opportunity to sign up first. 


Championships scoring


Your best four results will count towards your final standings. You will only be able to score points in one division at an event. You can enter different divisions in different events if you are eligible and wish to. 


To signify the importance of the British Open, a higher points tariff is awarded to that event. 


Scoring will work as follows: 


1st - 100 points

2nd - 80 points

3rd - 70 points

4th - 60 points

5th - 50 points

6th - 40 points

7th - 32 points

8th - 24 points

9th - 18 points

10th - 12 points

11th - 8 points

12th - 4 points

13th - 2 points

Where players tie at an event they are both awarded the higher points value. Play offs are to be held only to award trophies and do not impact on championship points.

Where 2 or more players have tied for championships positions in the final overall points standings then the tie(s) shall be broken by totalling the championship points earned by each player at events where they competed for head to head. Any remaining ties shall be broken by comparing the players' actual scores during the same head to head competitions.

Players can only collect points for ONE division in a single tournament.


Tournament Standards


Tournament payouts in accordance with PDGA guidelines for the tier of competition. £2 per player added to Majors Championships overall prize funds, all paid back to players. 


C Tier standards to be set in yr1, in year 2 events should be targeting B-Tier. Year 3 - B Tier minimum - all subject to ongoing review .